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As the weather gets warmer, you want to make sure that you and your family will be able to find a cool oasis within your residence. Burnison Plumbing and Heating provides a wide array of AC services to residents of Huron, including repairs, installation, and maintenance.


From central air conditioning to ductless AC units, we have exactly what your home needs.

Ductless Air Conditioning

We offer Ductless AC systems for our customers. These units are unique in that they do not use your home's ductwork to deliver cool air throughout your home. Instead, ductless units use compressors mounted outside of your home to cool and heat individual rooms.


These compact units are installed on the wall, only requiring a small hole to be drilled to connect the unit to the compressor. Ductless AC units are a great alternative to window units when you are looking to cool individual areas of your home.

AC Repair and Maintenance

Your AC unit works hard all summer long. At Burnison we believe in giving you straightforward pricing on all repairs made. Our Huron AC technicians will run a diagnostic on your system, finding the source of the problem and repairing it efficiently and effectively. In addition to our repair services, we also offer AC tune-ups and maintenance.

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5 Ways Air Conditioner Maintenance Saves You Money

Less repairs

 Regular AC maintenance can catch a lot of breakdowns before they happen. And since some of breakdowns get worse over time, your repairs will be less severe

Your unit lives longer 

One way you save money from regular visits from our AC maintenance experts is because you'll spend less money on AC replacement over time because your units will serve you longer than without maintenance.

Your AC will be more energy efficient 

While an AC might last you 12 years, it won't be energy efficient that whole time unless you subscribe to regular AC maintenance.

Costs you can predict

Repair visits are not only costly, but can eat into your savings pretty easily.

Warranty Requirements 

Many AC warranties require you to have your unit regularly checked. 

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